Extremely rare
Western Electric/AT&T New Old Stock
rotary table phone

Extremely rare<br>Western Electric/AT&T New Old Stock<br> rotary table phone
Item# 500-WEco-NOS
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This phone looks like a basic, boring beige rotary-dial desk phone -- but there's more to the story. It's historically significant for two important reasons:

(1) In was made in 1982 and was one of the last phones that AT&T's Western Electric Company produced in the USA before moving production to Mexico and Asia.

(2) It's New Old Stock ("NOS"). Most AT&T phones of this type were made to be rented to phone company subscribers so very few New Old Stock examples have survived.

Despite its age, it is perfect in appearance and operation, and extremely rare. It is "full-modular" and supplied with handset and line cords.

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One-year warranty.