from 1965.
Western Electric rotary-dial desk phone
for one or two lines.

EXTREMELY RARE.<br>NEW OLD STOCK<br>from 1965.<br>Western Electric rotary-dial desk phone<br>for one or two lines.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Item# WE-510
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This is one of the most unusual phones we've ever discovered. It's a New Old Stock Western Electric model 510 rotary-dial desk phone.

It was made in the USA, back in 1965. But even after 45 years in storage, it still looks perfect and works perfectly, and will be appreciated by any collector. It comes with the original box that declares that "Modern homes have handy phones."

In 1965, phones were made to be rented -- not sold -- so it is extremely unusual to find a phone from that era that is still New Old Stock like this one.

The knob in the left-front corner can be used to select either of two lines, but there is no Hold circuit. The internal ringer works on Line #1 only. You can ignore the knob and use this as a normal single-line phone.

It's equipped with an old-style six-conductor hard-wired black line cord, but we will replace that cord with a modern "modular" cord at no additional charge if you prefer.

The handset is heavy, made from Bakelite, not the lighter ABS plastic used in later years. The springs in the hookswitch and dial are as strong as they were 45 years ago.

We have just one of these phones and are unlikely to find another, so order now if you want it.

The phone is in excellent condition. There is one slight "dimple" on the right front edge, apparently molded into the plastic when the phone was manufactured.