NEW Fluke/Harris TS25D buttset (butt set) is DSL-safe
& has multi-line LCD screen,
monitor speaker, tone generator
headset, pouch & more.

FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b><br>NEW</b> Fluke/Harris TS25D buttset (butt set) is DSL-safe<br>& has multi-line LCD screen,<br>monitor speaker, tone generator<br>headset, pouch & more.
Item# FLU-TS25-SET
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The new TS25D is the first Harris/Fluke buttset (butt set) equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, and has easy-to-read, common sense menus. It is supplied with a headset for hands-free monitoring and conversations, and a Cordura (?) protective pouch. The pouch has room for extra tools or testers, and has a loop for hanging from a hook, and a strap that can be used with a belt.

Features such as Caller ID (with or without Call Waiting), touch-tone (DTMF) digit grabbing, a tone generator for tracing wires and a talk battery function for powering voice conversations on non-powered pairs have been combined to make installation and troubleshooting of phone and data lines quick and straightforward.

A single tool with multiple features saves money, time and space; and makes it more likely that you'll have seldom-used functions like digit-grabbing. You can buy one piece of equipment, carry less on your tool belt, and get more done during the day.

  • Standard features of the TS25D test set include patented DataSafe™ protection which includes data lockout and lockout override, ADSLSafe™ filtering technology that allows users to access and work on lines carrying data without disrupting or downing the data service. It also has row/column tones for single tone dialing, a built-in phonebook to easily store and edit numbers in non-volatile memory, an amplified speaker with volume control for hands-free monitoring, overvoltage and overcurrent protection and speed-dial programming, continuity testing, battery level indicator. 18-Month warranty.

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