Tired of phones that don't work?

Go back to the 20th century.
Get a touch-tone or rotary-dial phone that's made to last.
Or, get your old phones fixed to work like new!

We have brand-new, fresh-from-the-factory phones. We also have "New Old Stock" phones that were fresh-from-the factory years ago or even decades ago. We also have Almost New, Nearly New and Refurbished phones, plus oddities that will appeal to collectors. We have many more phones than are shown on this website. If you don't see what you want, please ask us.s

  We fix old phones. Minor repairs or complete restoration.  CLICK   


Genuine ATT/Bell System "Noteworthy" phone in butter yellow. Has space for phone book, and it displays either cork bulletin board or blackboard. Trimline handset. A favorite from the 1980s. Made in the USA. Free shipping to all 50 states. CLICK.



We have many more phones than are shown on this website. If you don't see what you want, please call 1.888.225.399 or send email.


Now that we're well into the 21st century, many people yearn for the reliability and sound quality of the phones made decades ago.

Fortunately, we have brand-new telephones that are even better than the phones that Americans used to rent from their local phone companies.

They're designed to work reliably for many years, with sturdy housings, long-life hook switches, corrosion-resistant connections, strong steel bases, and bells that actually ring. They have no batteries or AC power cords, and can keep working even during a power failure.

We sell only top quality phones. Most are GUARANTEED for FIVE YEARS.

We've supplied phone equipment for fire departments, military bases, schools, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, airports, a submarine, Microsoft, IBM, Princeton, UCLA, the Empire State Building, the U.S. Mint and the White House.

We have our own "Time Tunnel."

WOW! Nearly-New Rotary Dial Phones. Bright and shiny on the outside. Not quite so shiny on the inside. Models for table or wall. Various colors. FREE SHIPPING in the USA. One-year warranty. Built to last almost forever. 

                                                        TONIGHT SHOW PHONE just like the one David Letterman used. CLICK

Show your kids how life was before iPhones, cordless and VoIP.

In addition to our nearly-new and factory-fresh phones, we have New Old Stock touchtone and rotary dial phones made years ago by ATT, Stromberg Carlson, ITT and Northern Telecom. They're great if you're nostalgic for the mid-20th-century, or just like the look, feel and sounds of a rotary dial. Our rotary dial and golden oldies collection includes basic table and wall phones, Trimline and Princess phones, two-line and 1A2 key phones.  We now have nice reproductions of Western Electric phones made from the 1930s through the 1960s. They look like they have rotary dials, but they actually have circular dial pads that make modern touch-tone beeps. Calling is quick; and you can bank by phone, use voicemail, and do other 21st Century tasks, with a phone that looks like it was made many years ago. CLICK 

We have discontinued traditional telephone colors like harvest gold, pink, beige, brown, ivory, moss green and light blue. Quantities are limited, and no more will be made, so order soon.

If you need phones or parts for vintage "1A2," Merlin and ComKey phone systems, we can help you. 
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  COOL! rotary dial desk phone with flashing ring indicator light. FREE SHIPPING.

No sales tax for 49 states. Phones get free shipping to 50 states.

Some old Bell System photos & ads
from Bell System Memorial

NOTE: Rotary phones should work perfectly in your home, even if all of your other phones are touchtone. They will NOT work on digital lines in a business phone system.

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