Is this the ugliest phone ever made? Maybe.
Own a repulsive but innovative piece
of telecommunications history.
Rare and ugly Leich "horned" phone
works on a table or wall.

Is this the ugliest phone ever made? Maybe.<br>Own a repulsive but innovative piece<br>of telecommunications history.<br>Rare and ugly Leich "horned" phone<br>works on a table or wall.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Item# LCH-101
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We all know about beauty contests. This phone could win an ugly contest.

It has a unique design with two plastic "tusks" that cradle the handset when the phone is wall-mounted, but don't interfere with normal use on a desk or table.

The rotary dial is oriented for normal use, but can be easily rotated for wall use. The phone comes with a grungy hard-wired line cord, but we can install a modern modular cord at no extra charge if you prefer.

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder. If this phone is beautiful to you, order soon because we have just one. They don't make phones like these anymore.

There is a crack on the lower right as shown in the upper photo. Think of it as a beauty mark on an ugly phone.

Although this phone has a rotary dial it should work fine even if your other phones are touch-tone. "Ground" shipping is free to any destination in the 50 states.