One-of-a-kind, perfect condition
Western Electric (Bell System)
white rotary dial wall phone.
Sold -- sorry you're too late.

One-of-a-kind, perfect condition<br>Western Electric (Bell System)<br>white rotary dial wall phone.<br>Sold -- sorry you're too late.
Item# 554-WE
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This classic rotary dial wall phone is ideal for re-creating a mid-20th-century room. It was made in 1962, and carefully refurbished a few years later by Western Electric, the manufacturing arm of the Bell System.

Unless you use a magnifying glass, it looks like it just came from the phone factory. No color fading. No scratches. No cracks. Not re-painted.

It's equipped with its original hard-wired handset cord. We added a modular back plate so it can work on a modern modular wall phone jack. Loud, adjustable dual-gong ringer. Chrome-plated switch hook.

One year warranty.

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