Refurbished Princess phone.
Choose touchtone or rotary dial.

Refurbished Princess phone.<br>Choose touchtone or rotary dial.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b><br>ONE YEAR WARRANTY.
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Although it says "out of stock" up above, we do have a few refurbished ATT (Western Electric) Princess phones, both rotary and TouchTone, in various colors.

They've been carefully tested and cleaned, with parts replaced when necessary. These are REAL Princesses, not reproductions. There are some minor scratches and other signs of wear. You get a one-year warranty, but these phones have many years of life ahead of them. Some have modular (plug-in) handset cords, and some have hard-wired handset cords. All have line cords with modern modular plugs. (If you are a "purist" collector and prefer the original color line cord, let us know.) Please call 1.888.225.3999 or send email to let us know what you want.

If you want your Princess phone to light up we can install a light bulb and provide a transformer. If you are handy, you should be able to install it in a few minutes. If you are not handy, we can supply a plug-and-play kit.