Princess & Trimline phone
Plug-&-Play Illumination kit.
Price includes shipping to all 50 states.

Princess & Trimline phone<br>Plug-&-Play Illumination kit.<br>Price includes shipping to all 50 states.
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If you are handy, you should be able to connect a transformer to power the light bulb in a Trimline or Princess phone. If you are not handy, this simple Plug-&-Play kit will provide power without any tools or special knowledge.

Just plug the splitter into your phone jack, plug the line cord from the phone plus the power cord into the splitter, and plug the transformer into a nearby electrical outlet.

Kit includes items labeled in red. Price includes "ground" shipping in the USA. Transformer is used. Other components are new.

This is intended for older Trimline and Princess phones with internal incandescent bulbs, not later models with LED illumination.

Appearance may vary from illustration.