We have a few. Call us to order.
Rare rotary "Miniwall" phone.
New Old Stock.

We have a few. Call us to order.<br>Rare rotary "Miniwall" phone.<br>New Old Stock.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b>
Item# 1654
COLOR:  Please call 1.888.225.3999 to order.

Even though the text above says that the phone is out of stock, we do have some, but you can't order online.

Very LIMITED quantity.

Most Americans have never seen a phone like this, because it was generally not available in Bell System or GTE territory. It's the same size as the traditional touchtone wall phone, but has a rotary dial. Refurbished with 90-day warranty.

Call 1 888 ABLE 999 and we'll tell you what colors are available. Don't wait long if you want one.