Most phone product descriptions include the length of their warranties, which range from five years (new touch-tone phones) to 90 days (refurbished 6-button key phones, and new reproductions of Western Electric phones).

One-line and two-line Almost New, Nearly New, New Old Stock, Refurbished, Rough & Ready, and Good & Grungy phones are warranted for one year.

  • NEW PHONES are warranted by their manufacturer.
  • OTHER PHONES are warranted by us, or by their refurbishers.
  • ALL PHONES: Warranty coverage excludes damage caused by misuse or abuse.
  • ALL PHONES: If you need a repair or replacement under warranty, during the first two weeks, we will pay for "ground" shipping in both directions. After the first two weeks, you pay to return it, and we pay to ship back to you. We do NOT pay for shipping to or from locations outside the USA.
  • NEW PHONES (not New Old Stock) are warranted by their manufacturers. If you have an out-of-box failure, or a problem becomes apparent during the first two weeks, we will send a replacement (free "ground shipping"). After two weeks, you can get a repair or replacement under the manufacturer's warranty, which may be as long as five years.
  • ALL PHONES: If you are in a hurry to receive the replacement, we can send it immediately (free "ground" shipping), and charge it to your credit card; and then issue a credit when we receive and inspect the defective phone. If we don't have an identical or acceptable replacement, you will send the phone to us for repair.
  • ALL PHONES: If you don't want the replacement phone to be charged to your credit card, you can return the defective phone, and we will then send you the replacement phone.
  • ALL PHONES: Before returning a phone that you think is defective, please make sure it is connected to a working phone jack. We test all returned phones. If you return a phone that you think is defective, and we find that is is not defective, it will be returned to you at your expense, and we will not reimburse you for the cost of shipping to us.
  • ALL PHONES: Because some people pull too hard on their phone cords, or dangle them over a flame on the stove, and dogs and cats chew on them, cords are not warranted except for out-of-box failure. We consider plugs that are attached to cords to be part of the cords and subject to the same restriction.