custom color combos

custom color combos
At one time, some of the Bell System companies offered standard phones in non-standard color combinations.

If you'd like a phone in your school colors, favorite colors, or just something weird, let us know. Price is $20 more than a standard boring phone.

You can choose colors for the following parts of a rotary-dial desk or wall phone:
  • body shell
  • dial
  • handset body
  • transmitter cap
  • receiver cap
  • handset cord
  • We can also customize new touch-tone phones. Instead of the dial, you can choose a faceplate color. Touch-tone wall phones have no faceplates.

    The normal price of a nearly-new rotary-dial phone is $125, so one with custom colors will cost $145.

    The normal price of a new touch-tone phone is $72, so one with custom colors will cost $92.

    Please email or call 1.888.225.3999 us if you have any questions or would like to place an order. Some colors may not be available, but we'll do our best for you.