How'd we get new old phones?

Almost all of our phones are the "real thing." Only a very few are reproductions.

You may wonder how we got new 40-year-old phones without manipulating the space-time continuum.

  • Unlike Marty McFly and Doc Brown in Back to the Future, we don't have a time-leaping DeLorean with a 1.21 gigawatt plutonium-powered flux capacitor.

  • Unlike H. G. Wells, we don't have a Time Machine with a velvet chair and brass railings.

  • Unlike Kirk, Spock, Scotty and McCoy in Star Trek IV: the Voyage Home, we don't have a Klingon Bird of Prey that can zap across centuries at warp speed.

  • And we weren't as smart as the people who stashed away '64 Mustangs until their values doubled.


We have old phones because we goofed.

We started selling phones and phone systems way back in 1977. In the mid 1980s, the business changed faster than we anticipated. People stopped buying basic phones, and we still had hundreds.

We didn't give them away or throw them away; we just put them away.

But after two decades, what was old became new again.

People started asking us for old-fashioned phones. We blew off the dust, unpacked the old cases, sorted and tested the phones, came back to the future, and set up in 2004.

As we've been selling off our own New Old Stock, we've been adding inventory from other sources as they are discovered.

These phones are rare, but our prices are competitive. We sell NEW old phones for less than some dealers charge for cleaned-up used phones.

DeLorean car above is a model, available at