Presidents' Phones

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You can have a Presidential Hot-Line Phone. CLICK

Left: Ford's 6-button

Right: Ike's 300-series

Left: Trump's dual Ciscos (made in China?)
Right: Nixon's 6-button

Left: Clintons

Right: G. H. W. Bush's three phones, including one in a drawer

Left: Nixon's 6-button phone with separate signaling buttons

Right: JFK's Call Director plus no-dial "hot line" phones

Left: Dubya 

Right: JFK's Call Director 

Left: Dubya

Right: LBJ's 6-button phone plus giant Call Director

Left: Obama with two phones and a foot on his desk

Right: LBJ's giant Call Director

Left: Obama's phone

Right: Obama on the phone

Left: LBJ's Call Director

Note the THICK cable and separate speakerphone.

Right: Carter's Call Director

Left: G. H. W. Bush's Call Director

(Life Magazine photo. Thanks.)