Who says a rotary dial phone can't be a digital phone?

Not us.

From a distance, this looks like a perfectly ordinary, perfectly dull, basic boring rotary dial phone.

But when you get close, you'll see that the dial has digits ONLY.

Guaranteed to cause trouble for anyone who has to dial BEachwood-4-5789, or MElrose-5-5300, or BUtterfield 8.

  • "Nearly New." Mostly new plastics with refurbished innards
  • One-year warranty
  • Loud mechanical dual-gong ringer with volume adjustment
  •  Line cord has modular plug to fit standard phone jacks.
  • FREE "ground" shipping in the USA.

WOW! ALL-DIGITAL ROTARY PHONE. Has ridiculous dial with no letters. FREE SHIP.

SKU: 500-DIG