Why Our Phones Are Better

For about a hundred years, people rented phones from their local phone companies. Those companies were responsible for carrying your voice through your phone, through your home, through the streets and maybe all the way to reach someone dozens or even thousands of miles away.

Most Americans were served by ATT-owned phone companies, and rented phones that were made by ATT.


Many others were served by GTE-owned phone companies, and rented phones made by GTE.

And some people rented phones from "independent" telephone companies that ranged in size from huge to tiny. Their phones were made by a variety of companies, often IT&T and Stromberg-Carlson.


A phone's rental fee included on-premises repairs. And since the same company that made the phone, was obligated to send out a man in a truck to fix it; rental phones were designed to go 15 years without service. In fact, some phones made 50 years ago still work fine.


Everything changed when phones became "consumer products" around 1980. Competitive pressure, short warranties, and the elimination of on-premises service, led to lower quality. Some manufacturers were content to make $1.99 "throw-away," phones that sounded lousy, got frequent wrong numbers, and lasted barely 365 days.

►A throw-away phone might be OK for a child's room, but is inappropriate, inadequate and dangerous for "mission-critical" applications, where a wrong number or misunderstood syllable could mean disappointment, delay or even death.


We have brand-new phones built with the same devotion to voice quality, dialing accuracy, and durability as the old rental phones -- with sturdy ABS housings, zinc-plated steel bases, brass bells that really ring, mil-spec soldering, careful inspection and testing, plus hookswitches and touch-tone pads designed to work reliably for decades, even in hostile environments where lesser phones fail. Not only are they as good as the phones "the phone company" used to make, they're better!

Our company has supplied phones for fire departments, law enforcement, military bases, schools, hospitals, airports, embassies, prisons, a nuclear submarine, the U.S. Mint and the White House. We've even sold phones to companies that make phones. 


We recognize how important telephones are, and we sell the best quality.